Meet the Snack Artist


After leaving the music industry, our founder Shira Berk, started to shift her creative energy into making great tasting treats for her kids and friends. Not really trained as a baker, Shira spent hours experimenting with countless bags of rice, oat, buckwheat flour to come up great tasting cookies that were all natural made with better-for-you ingredients.

The cookies were a hit with her kids and their friends.

Our founder soon realized more moms and kids should be enjoying these great tasting treats and decided to revolutionize the cookie aisle and introduce Goodie Girl Cookies.

Goodie Girl was Shira’s nickname growing up as Shira loved “treats”. The Goodie Girl name also fit the brand’s mission which is to make wholesome, better tasting iconic treats using better-for-you ingredients so everyone can enjoy them.


Welcome Goodie Rebels!

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