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Package of Goodie Girl Brown Sugar Cookies
Pumpkin Pie Sandwich Cookies box of 3 packs
A box of Goodie Girl Lemon Sandwich Cookies
a box of s'mores sandwich cookies
a box of fudge striped cookies
Box of Goodie Girl Mint Cookies
a box of chocolate creme cookies
a box of birthday cake cookies
a box of magical animal crackers
a box of goodie girl cinnamon brown sugar breakfast biscuits
a box of goodie girl blueberry breakfast biscuits
  • Oh how my family loves EVERYTHING you make…can not wait to try [Chocolate Mint Creme]!!!
  • These [Pumpkin Pie Cookies] are heaven! Heaven! Actually, everything I’ve had from Goodie Girl is INSANELY good.
  • I just wanted to say how much I love the pumpkin-flavored cookie! It was the perfect combo of flavor, not too overwhelming but still had the kick. Good work!
  • My Grandmother years ago worked for Nabisco. She made the chocolate cookie part of the Oreo sandwich cookie. After I became gluten-free I missed those Oreos. Until we found your Chocolate Mint Creme sandwich cookies. Don't miss Oreos anymore. Thank You!
  • Goodie girl cookies are a staple in our house as were gluten and peanut-free. We just found the breakfast biscuits at our local Wegmans and they're frickin awesome. The cinnamon ones taste like Teddy Grahams! Love your products and love that they're peanut-free on top of it!!!
  • Absolutely delicious Mint Cookies! I have tried lots of other gluten-free cookies and some were good, but most seemed to lack flavor or were dry and crumbly. My son bought me a box of your Mint Cookies and I found the cookie I had been looking years for – they are fabulous! Shira, thanks for leaving your other day jobs and deciding to make cookies.
  • My husband has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for 18 years now. He still misses tastes and textures he loved growing up – especially desserts. When he got your Goodie Girl Chocolate Chunk cookies he was as excited as a little kid... The best gluten-free cookie he has ever had.

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