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Gluten Free Goodie Girl Cookies
Now In Snack Paks


Made in a Peanut Free Facility that uses tree nuts.

  • NOOOOOOOO!! Damn you for creating such delectable gluten-free cookies!!!! I’m holding you personally responsible for the fat I will gain now that I know these exist!!!!
  • I can’t stop eating the cookies that came in my [PopSugar] box. AndI don’t usually even like toffee. They are so addictive. I was just searching online to see where I can buy them near me.

  • Your Double Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chunk cookies are quite addicting! I may or may not have spooned out the crumbs in the bags, or added any remaining ounce to my morning shake the next day.
  • Watch out world... here I come with another TKO...Check out @goodiegirlcookies the best gluten free cookies out there and dare I say “BEST COOKIE OUT THERE IN GENERAL”!

  • I must tell you that your cookie, the Double Chocolate Chunk ( formally Midnight Brownie) one is absolutely delicious... Thank you Goodie Girl Cookies for giving me something that is good enough to really call a treat.
  • My husband has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for 18 years now. He still misses tastes and textures he loved growing up — especially desserts. When he got your Goodie Girl Chocolate Chunk cookies he was as excited as a little kid... the best gluten-free cookie he has ever had.