Birthday Cake

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Goodie Girl®
Birthday Cake Sandwich Cookies

Celebrate all year with gluten free cookies!

BIRTHDAY CAKE – Goodie Girl Cookies Birthday Cake Creme Cookies, Peanut Free, Now Dairy & Egg Free, and Gluten-Free Delicious Snack Cookies.

REBEL AGAINST REGULAR – Goodie Girl Birthday Cake Cookies do not contain any artificial preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup.

COOL SNACK FACT – You can now dazzle with birthday cake all year round, Goodie Girl style.

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Goodie Girl Cookies™
Birthday Cake Club Size

3 individually-wrapped 10.6 trays

Goodie Girl Cookies, and, specifically, Goodie Girl Birthday Cake Cookies, are some of the best tasting packaged cookies you can buy AND they just happen to be Gluten Free. Birthday Cake Cookies offer great taste and great fun for all—Rich, creamy, Birthday cake filling between two sandwich cookies. Goodie Girl knows that both everyday cookies fanatics and gluten-free consumers will love this item!

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Birthday Cake Cookie Pops

by Amanda Kanashiro

Is it just me or does everything taste better on a stick? I love desserts that are simple to make and eat and these Birthday Cake Gluten Free Cookie Pops are just that.

Super easy to make and perfect to wrap up for bake sales, parties, baby showers, you name it! Plus, who can say no to sprinkles?

Goodie Girl has come out with yet another amazing gluten free cookie. If you thought the chocolate creme cookies were amazing, just wait till you try these! Vanilla cookies filled with creme and sprinkles.

My daughter cannot get enough of the creme and she is a sucker for anything with sprinkles! Not only are they gluten free, but also peanut free and there are no artificial colors in them!

Currently, they are available at Whole Foods and on the Goodie Girl website! Grab 2 boxes- one to make these Birthday Cake Gluten Free Cookie Pops and one to snack on while you make them!

These Birthday Cake Gluten Free Cookie Pops are a snap to make! Start by grinding the cookies, add some cream cheese to hold it all together and form cookie balls. Add sticks (because food on a stick is always better!).

Freeze to firm up, dip in white chocolate and add sprinkles. Done.

These gluten free cookie pops are so addicting. Keep them in the fridge or freezer for those cookie pop cravings!

Have you ever made cookie pops before? Where would you serve these?

Happy Gluten Free Eating!

1 box (20 cookies) Goodie Girl Gluten Free Birthday Cake™ Cookies
4 ounces cream cheese
12 ounces gluten free white chocolate
1/4 cup gluten free sprinkles

1) Pulse cookies in a food processor.
2) Place cookie crumbs in bowl and mix in softened cream cheese.
3) Add in one Tablespoon sprinkles.
4) Make into balls and place one stick in each one.
5) Freeze for 30 minutes.
6) Dip in melted chocolate and add sprinkles.

Welcome Goodie Rebels!

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