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Can’t get enough of your favorite Goodie Girl cookies? Look for us with these amazing partners:

Phin & Phebes

Find Goodie Girl cookies in two flavors of Phin & Phebes ice cream. The Full Minty consists of mint ice cream blended with peppermint and double fold Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract to create a creamy, sweet, cool treat that’s full of minty flavor. This classic mint flavor is taken to new heights by adding chunks of dark chocolate, gluten-free Mint Slims from Goodie Girl Cookies. The Chocolate Toffee Crunch is made up of milk chocolate ice cream packed with buttery bits of chocolate covered toffee and gluten-free Goodie Girl Toffee Crunch cookies, giving it a rich, creamy and crunchy sensation.

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

Find Goodie Girl cookies in Sweet Peak’s Grasshopper Mint. The ice cream flavor is a classic take on mint chip. Mint fudge cookies are chopped and mixed in with the creamy and flavorful white mint ice cream.


Toufayan Bakery

Goodie Girl is proud to partner with Toufayan Bakeries. Toufayan is one of the largest family-owned bakeries in the US and is excited to help Goodie Girl with scale production and distribution.

Interested in exploring a partnership with Goodie Girl and your delicious brand? Reach out to us at info@goodiegirlcookies.com