Our Goodie Girls


The first of the Goodie Girls – Goodie Girl Cookie founder, Shira Berk, traded more than a decade of experience managing the public relations and communications strategy for several of the most influential alternative rock bands and popular culture icons in the world (Rolling Stone magazine, TV Guide magazine) for a chance to bake remarkable cookies. She asked herself “Was it possible to make a gluten free cookie that was better than the tried-and-true original?” Goodie Girl Cookies began organically out of this simple question and a curiosity for the results.” Shira finds the best version of a classic cookie, deconstructs it, analyzes it and then rebuilds it to taste better than the original – and gluten-free to boot. “The perfect opportunity arose when my twins started pre-school in Tribeca. There was a huge lobby of parents sitting, talking, waiting – I set out to captivate the taste-buds of this enclave. I built a sliver of a kitchen, got a hot plate, a table-top oven, a restaurant license and got to work. All of a sudden, things were happening. Lines started forming for my $1 chocolate chip cookies. One day, a cookie-fan-mom asked me if I could recreate the “cookie,” for her daughter with Celiac Disease exclaiming that most gluten free cookies “sucked.” My quest began. I dumped thousands of dollars on every alternative flour. I baked, burnt and tossed hundreds of hockey-pucks masquerading as cookies – Until one day, I hit it!”  

LAUREN GROWNEY, Product Manager

It all started at a family run bakery, where she worked all through high school and college. It wasn’t just a job, it became an important stepping stone in Lauren’s life. With her brother, an awarded NYC chef, by her side, food was a family tradition. Working for a small business, supporting the community and being able to watch something grow right in your hands created entrepreneurial spirit in college. Being a part of the food industry is not a job, it’s a lifestyle and she’s passionate to be a Goodie Girl!

MICHELLE SUAZO, Branding & Packaging

Michelle Suazo is the founder of IndigoPark, a brand strategy and design firm based in Baltimore, MD. She has created campaigns and design solutions for a number of international clients in a wide range of industries from Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan Chase to trend-setting fashion and cosmetics brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and Revlon. She has also developed a food rescue system that is launching in MD called MyFoodBridge.org. Prior to IndigoPark, Michelle was creative director of the interactive design team of Grey Advertising. She provided brand strategy and design for GOODIE GIRL COOKIES experience.