Girl Power

When Goodie Girl Cookies started out in the TriBeCa kitchen of Shira Berk she was surrounded by many little taste testers. The young girls of N. Moore not only got to test cookies fresh out of Shira's oven, but they got to watch a brand grow from an apartment kitchen to the bakery dept of the local Whole Foods to today nationwide in Starbucks. Shira has been a role model showing that as a woman and a mother you can go from signing rock bands to baking the best gluten free cookies in town... no dream is too BIG girls!

On May 3rd these young ladies hit the streets of NYC to celebrate the brand launching in Starbucks.

First stop is the Chambers Street Starbucks that the girls passed every day on the way to elementary school.


Next a trip to Chinatown for some fun games.


Back to N. Moore for a trip down memory lane at Bubby's.


Remember to dream big girls!

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