My daughter put a box of Mint Cookies in the cart as we walked by them. All I know was it was gluten free in the “healthier” isles of my grocery store. I just tried them…… YUM! My new favorites!! Girl…these cookies got it going on! —Goodie Girl Fan

Eat With Lucky Peach – St Marks Place NYC

Eat With Lucky Peach: St Marks Place NYC by @Lucky__Peach lucky__peachThe weather has been temperamental today but I’m glad@omgitsbomb and I caught the blueskies on this one. […]
I just bought 5 boxes atthe Auburn, WA Walmart. Opened a box in the parking lot and am nowa lifetime customer! Thank you so much! —Goodie Girl Fan

Shira’s Music Monday Playlist 9

Shira's Music Monday Playlist May 2nd 2016 Goodie Girl Cookies Music Monday Playlist. Grab a bag of cookies and ENJOY! Hey Mercedes by Loses Control All These Things by Fighting Starlight […]